Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Monstrous Regiment of Women

A MONSTROUS REGIMENT OF WOMEN, by Laurie R. King, is the 2nd book in the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes (MR/SH) series. Here is an excerpt from my review:
One of the things I enjoy about the MR/SH books is the way King brings so much of "current events" into the stories. In this particular book, World War I has been over for a few years and there are changes in society as a result: women in the workforce (or who had been during the war), women wanting to do more meaningful work than staying at home, fewer men in general, shell-shocked soldiers, drug abuse, etc. All of these elements make their way into this book - and the case - at various points.
If you'd like to read the complete review, click here.

I very much enjoyed this book and I've already started the next one, A LETTER OF MARY.

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